Coming Up With Your Chemistry Paper Topic

Most of us know how much hard work goes into having to write a term or research paper in chemistry. Weeks of preparation and in-depth study – whether in or outside the lab – depends heavily on what specifically a student is covering. Coming up with a great topic is vital to the project’s success, but not everyone knows how to brainstorm and choose a topic worth writing about. Here’s a short method suggested by Write My Essay Today for doing this in addition to free ideas for students to consider:

Developing a Topic for a Chemistry Paper

  • Brainstorm for Several Minutes

    When you brainstorm you should get as many ideas that come to mind down on a sheet of paper and then expand on each one using any quotations, questions, phrases, or terms you think of as you develop upon your ideas.

  • Free Write Your Topic Ideas

    This stream-of-consciousness technique allows you to expand on your ideas without any constraints. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to freewriting. Your goal is to get your pen on paper or fingers to keys and to start writing everything that pops into your head in relation to your tentative ideas.

  • Consider the Impact Ideas Have

    There are some ideas you feel tremendously interesting but believe that others won’t appreciate. There is a fine balancing act that needs to occur when considering your interests and ideas that contribute and make a positive impact on the field of chemistry. You need to ask yourself if your proposed work matters to others and if the work “pushes the envelope.”

  • Re-Read Lesson Notes and Textbook

    Your lesson notes and textbook readings are invaluable resources for topic ideas you have covered and know something about already. This makes the assignment easier to do since you will have a foundational knowledge of the topic.

  • Search for Ideas on the Internet

    There will be times when you simply cannot come up with a topic by trying any of the exercises above; on these occasions, you should look online and read related topics for inspiration. You can take an interesting idea and revise it to fit your academic research needs.

Free Chemistry Paper Topic Ideas

  1. Discuss how the environment affects our understanding of chemical reactions.
  2. Conduct a study on the viability of reusable batteries to power green transportation.
  3. Discuss the effects Nanotoxicology has on our surrounding environments.
  4. Conduct a real-life study on the common type of fast food and the chemicals in them.
  5. Analyze the ethics of using chemicals in modern warfare. Are they adequate and current?
  6. Analyze the way in which analytical chemistry research methodologies have changed.
  7. Discuss the three classifications and the perceived benefits of working in Neuropeptides.
  8. Conduct a study on the impact that working with a sampling plan in chemical research.
  9. Define the major components championed by analytical chemistry methods of learning.
  10. Compare and contrast Gas Chromatography and Atomic Spectroscopy in chemical terms.

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