Choosing Strong Research Paper Topics on Computer Science

If you are a Computer Science student, you will be proud and excited to know that you are a part of the evolution that the world is making today. Computer science has and is making human life so easy and convenient. From offices to household, everything is influenced by computer science. When writing a thesis paper, be sure you don’t take up a really easy topic. Make sure you choose the topic which sparks your interest. Try to make your paper attractive and interesting, with new ideas to support your paper.


This is Internet of Things, which is trending and ruling these days. The communication between devices through the Internet was a sparking revolution in the computer science field. You can write down new ideas and even prove with some experiments those new things, to add to the revolution. This is such a vast topic that if gotten right, your research paper will be the best. Some of the items in IoT include;

  1. Security systems
  2. Managing household appliances
  3. Smart electronics
  4. Toys

Artificial Intelligence:

This was thought to be a fictional thing until actual computer reasoning was born. This topic if gotten right will make your way to the best research paper to impress your teachers. Artificial Intelligence will require a lot of in-depth knowledge and research to sort and explain those topics. You should be well aware of the latest technology and implementation of AI in every industry. Be it military or basic security; AI has made a huge difference in both the fields. But the more AI is developed, the more pros and cons are born with it. Giving a machine more power than a human is dangerous in many forms. Your research paper can have:

  1. Implementations of AI
  2. Pros and cons
  3. Limitations of AI


This technology is a Mobile Ad Hoc Network. It was basically developed for networks to communicate with each other. You can write well on this topic as how MANET has helped in controlling traffic systems. MANET basically monitors another network with or without the help of Internet. But MANET is known to be less secure. Security is a threat to data sent over MANET. While writing a research paper on MANET, you can research a lot as to how MANET is used limitedly today. With proper research and inventions, it can be put to better use.

We have just written down the best 3 topics that you can write your research paper on. Apart from this, you can also choose topics such as cloud computing, machine learning, networking, and much more. Choose your favorite topic and try to write your improvisation and inventions that may impress the teacher. Everyone likes to read something new. It also shows how inquisitively you have studied and gone through a particular topic. Therefore, the more interest you put in choosing a strong topic and writing on it; the more your teacher will get to read something new and unique to help you perform better than the rest.

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